Mealtime with your family why important than you

Mealtime with your family why important than you

Mealtime with your family why important than you

Mealtime with your family why important than you

1.We all know how important it is for our body to eat nutritious and balanced food. And we also know this. But we always forget this

A health expert has said that we have found out from our recent study that when you are stressed or when you are in front of the TV you are unable to get the necessary nutrients compared to the food with your family.


2.According to a new study by the University of Illinois at Chicago, you have many benefits of having a meal with your family, but it is very difficult to bring those benefits to people or to realize them of Mealtime with your family

.According to the study, if you have already eaten meals or eat alone, but if you eat with your family, then the food gives you full post-diet, that’s why experts have said that you should eat with your family. Has many benefits, that’s why you should eat with your family

3. To prove this, the Illinois State expert went to the school and the High Secondary School and talked to 500 to 600 children and their parents. And he came to know that he is happier to have a meal with his family or is happy to have a meal alone.

4. If you do not dine with your family. Or you eat alone watching TV or you eat under stress. If you do not talk to anyone, then your body does not get complete nutrition, which causes you a lot of trouble. And you are not able to put your mind into any work which causes great harm, so you should have food with your family so that you can do your work with someone.



It was found from the researchers that 54% of the 100 people who were not attentive in making safe food told that they should only concentrate on preparing food.

29% of people claimed to be food insecure. These people had low confidence levels in preparing and planning food.

He said that the remaining 17% are people, they make their food with safety and they also take care of safety but they have differences among themselves.

Benefits of eating with family

Teach your children better eating habits

Teach your children better eating habits

Research has shown that if we eat a healthy meal with children, then they are more likely to consume more vegetables and fruits. And consume less fast food


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