Easy way Protect Your Skin And Hair by holi color

Wish you Happy Holi 2021

Easy way Protect Your Skin And Hair by holi color

Why celebrate holi?

Holi is the most beautiful festival in India. Holi is a festival full of colors according to Hinduism, it is celebrated with enthusiasm and gaiety all over India. Especially places associated with Lord Krishna’s place are celebrated with pomp in the area of Braj like Mathura, Gokul, Govardhan, Barsana, Nandgaon, Vrindavan, and Barsane’s Lathmar Holi is famous all over the world.

Colors were used in Holi because there are so many flowers during the spring, the flowers are dried and dried colors are made, and wet colors are made by placing the flowers in water.

Why is a chemical color used in Holi?

But in order to earn some profit in recent times, people changed that color to chemical dyes, which reduced the prices of colors. This color is very harmful to the health and this color is also a loss for our nature. Hence Protect Your Skin by holi color.

Easy ways to avoid chemical color

We should use natural colors to protect our nature and our health so that our nature is not harmed and our health is also good.
There are very easy ways to avoid these chemical dyes. If you do not use these chemical dyes then you definitely protect your natural and will be able to save the body, face, hair if you use vegetables, fruits, flowers, and leaves for natural colors. You can definitely protect your body. If you want to protect your body’s face and hair naturally, then you use the colors of green vegetables, flowers, and fruits. and Protect Your Skin And Hair by holi color

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How to make colors with flowers in Holi

In Holi, you play with many colors like red, yellow, green, pink. If you play with naturally made colors then you can protect your environment and yourself from chemical dyes as well. And protect your skin from the chemical color of Holi

So let’s know how colors are made naturally.

Red Color

There are many ways to make red color
You can use Hibiscus flowers to make red color, although there are many colors of Hibiscus. But to make red color, after drying the red flowers of Hibiscus, grind them in a grinder, you will get red color. You can also use red sandalwood instead, if you want a wet red color then you boil the pomegranate peel in water and you will get the red color.
There are many flowers that are red in color. Dry those flowers well and grind them to make them red.

Green Color

Spinach (palak sag) greens, bitter gourd peels, and henna leaves are used to make green color. Boil them all in water to make a wet green color. This is a completely herbal color, it will not harm you and you can use it for a longer time as well.

Yellow Color

You can make yellow color by drying yellow marigold flower.
When the pumpkin is cooked, it turns yellow from inside, cut that pumpkin and dry it and grind it in a grinder. And it will give a yellow color.

Pink Color

You can use rose flowers to make pink color, after drying these flowers you can make a pink color.
You can use beetroot to make a thick pink color. Because the color of beet is similar to that of thick pink color, this color will not harm you.

note: I hope that you will use natural colors like fruit color, vegetable color, and flower color, they do not have any side effects nor do we have chemicals in them, they protect our environment. And the biggest thing is that you will be able to protect your hair, face, and body from chemical dyes.


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