Best healthy food ideas for weight loss

Why eating healthy food for weight loss

Eat healthy food for weight loss, because you will not like your weight gain. So you should lose weight and by eating healthy food your body will be healthy and losing weight will keep your body fit. With this, if you eat water and low-calorie food regularly and you avoid oily food then your body will be healthy.

Balance is an important term when you want your height, age, and body according to your weight. Health matters to each of us, so we often hear about many people who are concerned about their physical condition and Want to lose weight over time due to various reasons


Diet chart  healthy food for weight loss

Diet chart  healthy food for weight loss


Morning: At least two glasses or a liter as soon as you drink water in the morning. The water should be lukewarm. Otherwise, as you like, but if the water is lukewarm then it will be good

You can drink only lemon mixed with water. Or you can drink honey and lemon mixed with water

Breakfast: For breakfast, you have a light breakfast. Such as bread and vegetable or soaked gram, brown bread, milk without cream

You can also eat boiled potatoes with curd for breakfast.

Green Tea: Green Tea can be drunk without sugar. Or you can take sugar-free. You can also drink green tea at home and you can make green tea at home by adding basil leaves, cardamom, ginger, and black pepper.

If you are a non-vegetarian, you can eat three or four boiled egg whites.

Lunch: You can eat rice, bread and vegetables, lentils, and salad.

Evening: In the evening you can drink tea without sugar or you can add sugar-free. You can have roasted gram or veg soup

Dinner: Veg soup, salad, or a large bowl of boiled papaya or a bowl filled with vegetables and onions.
If you are a non-vegetarian then you can eat three or four egg whites.

If you take the right amount of calories for your body then it will be perfect for you And with that, you have to exercise.


Eat what to avoid obesity and do not eat

Eat salad: Salad is very good for our body. If we eat salad, our body gets protein and our body is healthy by eating salad. The doctors also recommend eating salad.

Spinach: Spinach is very good for our body. It contains magnesium, potassium, minerals, carotenoids, vitamin C, vitamin K acid, iron, and calcium nutrition. They nourish our body

Apple: Apple acts as glucose for our body, it is found all over the world. In the colder areas, apple is found in excess and there is a lot of glucose which is very good for our body, it removes our body’s lack of glucose. Contains vitamin c and it also removes vitamin C deficiency of the body

lentils: Lentils are very important for our body. It is said that lentils serve nutritious food for the body, so we should consume lentils regularly.

Honey: The bee sits on many flowers and extracts that juice; it takes a lot of time to collect that juice. We call that collected juice honey. If we drink a spoonful of water mixed with it every day, our obesity is reduced.

Lemon: Vitamin C is found in lemons and drinking sugarless Shikanji helps in reducing obesity. If we regularly consume lemon juice in mild lukewarm water then it will reduce our obesity

Citrus fruit: If we do not have vitamin C in our body, then we have to face many diseases, so we should eat citrus fruits. Citrus fruit is rich in vitamin C and it helps in reducing obesity.

Drink soup: Drinking soup will reduce our body because it is made by boiling many vegetables together.

Oatmeal: Oatmeal is a nutritious food for our body, doctors also recommend eating oatmeal so that our body can be reduced.

Egg: If you eat non-veg, then you remove the yellow part of the egg and eat only the white part

Low-calorie food: Eating more calorie foods causes your body to become obese, which makes you fat. The doctor recommends that you eat only low-calorie foods.

Chewed up: The food should be chewed properly so that there is no problem in digesting it. The doctors also recommend that the food should be chewed properly. So that your digestive system is good.

Foods to Avoid in Weight Loss

Do not consume these things to avoid obesity

Dessert: Dessert should not be taken because it contains sugar, it is the doctor’s advice that those who want to reduce their obesity should not take it.

Cold drink: We should stay away from cold drink which increases obesity, it contains carbohydrates, it contains more amount of fat.

Oily food: We should not consume oily food. Consumption of Oily food increases obesity Oily food such as snacks and oily vegetables.

Chips: Chips are of potato and it is made in oil, so it should not be consumed. The amount of fat in the chips is higher.

Pizza: The cheese used in pizza. It contains a lot of fat.

Sweets: There is a lot of sugar in them, so you cannot eat them. Yes, if there is a sugar-free dessert, we can eat it.

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Exercise for weight loss and Consult a doctor before doing yoga

Chakrasana: In this posture, both your hands are both feet down and the middle part is upwards so that our body feels stretched and which reduces our obesity.

Bhujangasana:In Bhujangasana, only the front part of your body stays upwards and the whole body is sticking to the ground so that we get stretched towards the stomach and this posture helps us lose weight.

Suryasana: This asana is done in the salutation pose towards the sun.

Bhadrasana: This asana is done by sitting the palate of both feet together in a sitting posture.

Halasana: This asana is done as a plow by moving the legs backward.

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Lose Your  Weight with basic exercise

Jogging: We should do jogging daily in the morning which helps us lose weight.

Dance: If you dance, do it, it exercises the whole body.

Morning walk: A morning walk is good for reducing body

Evening walk: Evening walk is also good for reducing body

Swimming: Our body is reduced by swimming


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Important Tips for Weight Loss

Avoid depression: Depression is a cause of obesity. You should do such a thing that you will be happy. If you walk, you can avoid depression.

Breakfast on time: It is very important for you to have breakfast on time, if you have breakfast on time then you can avoid your obesity

 Diet Recipes, healthy food for weight loss

You can use diet recipes to reduce weight so that you can avoid many diseases, we are telling you some easy recipes that you can make in your home.

Fruits Salad

Fruits Salad: If we eat all the fruits together in a salad then it will be good for the body. Examples: Pomegranate, Apple, Orange, Grape, Banana, Watermelon, light salt, and lemon mixed together, it would be very good.

Vegetable Soup: If we put capsicum, cabbage, beans, beets and lemon, light salt and celery, cut all the pieces well and boil it in water and drink its soup, then we will be saved from obesity

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