Benefits of Hibiscus plant and flower

Benefits of Hibiscus plant and flower

Name of hibiscus in some countries

Its English Name is (Shoe Flower, China Rose).
Hindi Name (Gudahal)
In Arabic, it is called (Angira).
The scientific name is (Hibiscus rosa-Sinensis).

Introduction to hibiscus plant and flower

The flowers of Hibiscus are very attractive due to their attractive colors and because of the bell shape of the flowers. Hibiscus flowers come in the single double and triple form and it is also found in red, green violet, and many colors. The white or red-colored hibiscus have special properties, their saffron is seen coming out separately from outside. It does not bear any fruit separately. Still, there are many benefits of the hibiscus flower in Ayurveda.


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External Appearance

Its height is 5 to 9 feet, its letters are bright, smooth, dark green colored and the flowers are large bell-shaped.

Chemical Organization

The flowers of Hibiscus contain small amounts of iron, phosphorus, calcium, riboflavin, thiamin, niacin, and vitamin C. Small amounts of carotene are found in their leaves.


This cup is choleretic and is used in digestive disorders. It is a blood purifier, hair follicle, erectile system, contraception, urine collection, and force.

Hair Falls

1. Make a pulp after grinding the leaves of the hibiscus and apply it to the hair. Wash the hair after 2 hours, by doing this process regularly, the hair gets nourishment and coolness.

2. Mix the olive oil in the juice of fresh flowers and cook it in the fire. When only the oil remains, keep it in a vial and apply it daily till the roots, the hair becomes thick and long.

3.Grind hibiscus flowers and Bhringraj flowers in sheep’s milk and keep them in an iron vessel. After 7 days, after mixing it with the Panchang juice of Bhringraj, heat it at night and apply it to the hair. Hair turns black after washing in the morning

4.To remove baldness, grinding black cow’s urine and sycamore flowers and applying it on the head increase hair. And baldness goes away.


If you have a cough or a chronic cough, then you can use hibiscus root extract for your cough.


The benefits of the Hibiscus flower taking one spoon powder of dried hibiscus flowers with a cup of milk regularly in the morning and evening removes the lack of blood and increases physical vigor and strength within a few months.

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Mixing the powder of its dry flowers or leaves in the powdered form, taking 6 grams continuously for 40 days increases virility.

Febrile disease

Boil the juice of its flowers by mixing equal amounts of oil, after the oil remains, filter it and fill it in the vial. The disease is cured by applying this oil.

Swelling and Pain

A thick paste made by grinding hibiscus leaves in water, applied on the swelling, provides relief in swelling and pain.


Women do not get pregnant by grinding flowers in kanji, mixing 50 grams of old jaggery, and eating it for 3 days during menstruation.


1. Grind the root of white hibiscus in cow’s milk with a fine powder of lemon seeds and give it during menstruation.

2. By giving 30 – 50 ml decoction of root and flowers in the morning, the proud child is confirmed.

Benefits of Hibiscus Syrup

1. Take 100 flowers of this, remove the green stalk and soak the petals in clean lemon juice at night in an open place in a glass vessel with your mouth closed. Sieve the muscle in the morning, add 700 grams of sugar candy or sugar, one bottle of good rose water, put it in 2 bottles and keep it in the sun for 2 days and keep stirring. When sugar candy dissolves well, it becomes syrup. Taking 15 to 40 ml quantity is beneficial in removing the heat of blood, nausea, fainting, dizziness, blood leucorrhoea, eye burning, anorexia, burning of chest, mania, sleeplessness, heatstroke, etc.

2. Take 100 hibiscus flowers and put them in a glass jar, squeeze 20 lemons and cover them. After keeping it overnight, mash it in the morning and filter it in a cloth and extract the juice. Mix 800 grams of sugar candy, 200 grams of gule gazban extract in the juice, 200 grams of sweet pomegranate juice, 200 grams of orange juice, and cook it on a low fire. When the sugar syrup becomes thick, take it off and add 250 mg musk, 3 grams of amber, saffron, and rose extract and stir well. This syrup calms the heart and mind. And frenzy is beneficial in stomach fever and leucorrhoea.


If consumed in excess, it produces worms in the eyes. It is harmful to cold-natured people. Black pepper and sugar candy should be used to prevent harm.

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Disclaimer: You must consult an Ayurveda specialist or doctor before consuming it after reading the post or blog. Because I am not an ayurvedic specialist and neither am I a doctor. I am telling you about this advice after consulting a big ayurvedic specialist and doctor and after reading or listening to ayurvedic books

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