7 ways to Boost your Immune System against Covid 19

7 ways to Boost your Immune System against Covid 19

Introduction: Coronavirus (covid-19)is the most dangerous virus in the world. It is the most dreaded disease of the 21st century.

The disease has its origin in the Wuhan district of China. And it has spread all over the world. so Boost your immune system so that it does not reach you.

Identify: If a person has a cold and fever or any kind of disease, he should immediately go to a nearby hospital and do a test so that he will know whether he has a corona or not.

Immune System: Immune system protects us from every disease. If we keep our immune system strong, then we can get rid of every disease, whoever has a good immune system can avoid coronavirus to a great extent.

and your immune system is your body’s defense system. if you Boost your Immune System. So You Can avoid the coronavirus.

Your body serves various functions to keep you moving with different departments. Your immune system is designed to look like the external invaders of your body.

There are two types of immune systems: the innate system with which you are born and the adaptive immune system that develops when exposed to those “external invaders”. These two work together to keep you healthy.

Maintain a healthy diet: when eating healthy and diet food you eat regularly, then you very easily increase your immune system

7 Immune boosters to help keep you healthy amid the COVID-19 outbreak


Stress Management: If you have any kind of stress, then to avoid that stress, you should do such a thing that you can get rid of stress.

Such as: studying, playing, jogging or playing a game or going for a picnic with friends and there are many things you can avoid stress.

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Boosting Immunity to Prevent COVID: It is very important to keep the immune system healthy in covid-19 because only our immune system can protect us from coronavirus.

Boost your immune system: eat on time, eat healthy food, keep away from fried food, avoid stress, do something else to avoid stress

Immune-Strengthening Strategies:  There are many immune-strengthening strategies. Of these, I want to tell you something.

Such as: stay away from crowded areas, try to work from home, stay away from crowded vehicles, keep a 1-meter distance from each other, wear marks, carry sanitizer with you, and after half an hour or 1 hour Wash your hands.

Avoids negative thoughts: If you are troubled by negative thoughts, then you should try to avoid them.

Tips to avoid negative thoughts as you talk to your family, get advice from your elders, and talk to your friends. If you still have negative thoughts, you can consult a doctor.

Avoid social negative messages: In recent times, there are some people who use social media to become popular or spread lies. Therefore, we should first search for the messages that we read on social media whether it is true or not, then only we should believe that message, otherwise do not believe it.

Because in recent times, small messages are becoming viral on social media, so we should pay attention to whether the message we are reading on social media is true or not.

Quitting smoking: You know that smoking destroys your heart and it is also the cause of cancer, but in recent times, your body’s immune system becomes very weak, and lack of immunity in your body.

According to experts, due to lack of immunity, the effect of coronavirus is quick, so we should not smoke. and the help Boost your Immune System against Covid 19

Exercise regularly: If you regularly do yoga, exercise, jogging, and many other exercises on the advice of a doctor, then you can increase your body’s immune system.


Immunity Support Supplements

Immune supplements are very important for your body. Because, experts say that your body starts to lack immunity after the age of 60, so you should take an immunity dose. Take the doctor’s advice while taking the dose.

Immunity Supplements as follows:

  • Vitamin D is very important for our body. Taking vitamin D keeps your body strong, it also protects you from many diseases and also enhances your immunity.


  • Vitamin C protects you from many diseases, consuming it protects you from other infections and bacteria.


  • Vitamin A, when used on a short-term basis, can help support the body’s ability to fight infections, especially with respiratory infections.


  • Zinc: It prevents the onset of any kind of cough cold.


  • Garlic supplements protect against respiratory infections and cold helps prevent infection.

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Go outside to boost your immunity.

To keep your body healthy, you should go out and take a walk so that you can keep your body healthy by consuming fresh air and sunlight. If you cannot take sunlight outside, then you can take vitamin D supplements with the advice of the doctor.

Maintain good hygiene habits for increased immunity.

To prevent the coronavirus virus, we must follow the advice of our experts. Wash hands before and after meals. Wash hands before and after cooking. Before and after taking care of someone in your home, if they are ill Wash hands
Note: If you follow all these rules then you are 100% healthy. And you should use all these with the advice of a doctor

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