15 Health Benefits of Giloy | Giloy Ayurvedic Plant and its Many Benefits

A                          Giloy plant looks like a creeper but it has many benefits. It is very beneficial for the body. It absorbs the qualities of the tree on which it climbs like a creeper. The plant of Giloy, which climbs on the neem tree, is very beneficial. It is used to make herbs in Ayurveda and is used to make medicine in medical centers, it is used in both places.

Health Benefits of Giloy

Health Benefits of Giloy

(1) In Eye Diseases:-

(1) Take out the juice of 12 grams of Giloy leaves, mix one gram of honey and one gram of rock salt, grind it well and make a paste and apply it to your eyes like a kajal (eyeliner). All types of eye diseases will be cured by applying this.

(2) Mixing Triphala in Giloy juice and making a decoction, taking it with peepal powder and honey in the morning and evening increases the eyesight.

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(1) If there is vomiting due to walking in the sun, or bile, then taking 10 to 15 grams of juice from Giloy leaves and mixing sugar candy in 4 to 6 grams in the morning and evening ends the vomiting.

(2) Mixing 15 to 30 grams of honey in 125 to 250 ml juice of Giloy and taking it thrice a day causes vomiting.


(3)Ear Wax:-

Rubbing Giloy in water and lukewarm it, putting two drops in the ear twice a day removes ear scum.


(4)Giloy Benefits Ulcer Disease

(1) Take a portion of Adusa bark, giloy, small kateri and cook it in half a kilo of water, when the fourth part of one part is left, cool it and mix honey in it and drink it, it cures inflammation, rheumatism, shortness of breath, fever and ulcer disease. . . .  . is .

(2) Mixing two spoons of honey in 10 to 20 grams of Giloy powder, it is beneficial in all types of ulcer disease.



Hiccups are stopped by giving Nasya powder of Giloy and dry ginger. Or mix Giloy powder and dry ginger powder and drink milk mixed with it.


(6)Caterpillar Disease

(1) Mixing two spoons of honey in 20 to 30 grams of Amrita decoction and taking it 3-4 times a day cures caterpillar disease.
(2) Grind 10 to 20 leaves and mix it in a glass of buttermilk and filter it and drink it in the morning, it cures caterpillar disease.
(3) Wearing a garland made of small pieces of it gives benefit in caterpillar disease.



After taking 20 grams each of Harad, Giloy, and Coriander in half a kg of water, adding jaggery to the remaining cup, and taking it in the morning and evening, all types of hemorrhoids are destroyed.



(1) Punarnava, Neem bark, Patolpatra, dry ginger, ‘Katuki, Giloy, Baruhaldi, Harad, 20 grams each, Kwathaarth water, 320 grams of remaining Kwath 80 grams, take 20 ml of this Kwath in the morning and evening. Parsthula, respiratory, and Anemia diseases are destroyed.

(2) Take one kg of Giloy juice, 250 grams of Kand Kalk, 4 kg of milk, and one kg of Mans’s Ghee, cook it on a slow fire, and filter it if only ghee is left. Mixing 10 grams of Ghee in quadruple cow’s milk and drinking it in the morning and evening ends Pandu, Kamala, and Anemia diseases.



(1) Giloy, khus, pathani lodhra, anjan, red sandalwood, nagarmotha, aala, harad, parwal leaves, neem bark, padmakashtha, grind all these substances together and keep them aside. Taking 10 grams of its powder mixed with honey and giving it thrice a day cures Pittaja Prameha.

(2)  The juice of Giloy, the paan of Shatpal Ghrita, Abhaya or Triphala’s decoction should be taken in the case of fever and Prameha.

(3)  Taking 20-30 grams decoction of Giloy and Chitrak in the morning and evening ends snake gout. Mixing 2 teaspoons of honey in 10-20 grams of Giloy, drinking it twice or thrice a day ends diarrhoea.

(4) Mixing 3 grams of honey in one gram of Giloy extract and licking it in the morning and evening provides relief.



Giving 2-5 grams of its powder with milk two-three times a day ends arthritis and diuresis.



In leprosy, 10-20 grams of it should be given regularly for a few months two-three times a day.


(12)Cold Bile:

Grinding 10-20 grams of bawchi in giloy, swarus, and rubbing it is beneficial.


(13) Giloy Benefits and use Chronic Fever:-

(1)  In chronic fever or fevers that last for more than six days, crush 40 grams of Giloy thoroughly, mix 250 grams of water in an earthen pot and keep it covered overnight. And mash it in the morning and use it well. Taking 20 grams thrice a day cures fever.

(2) Giloy’s swarus 20 grams, in it. Village Pippali and. By giving a spoonful of honey and taking it in the morning and evening, diseases like chronic fever, phlegm, spleen disease, rheumatism, anorexia, etc. are destroyed.



(1)  Lick 2-5 grams powder of Mundi with 2 teaspoons honey and 1 teaspoon ghee and drink 40-60 grams decoction of Giloy in the morning and evening, it pacifies Vatarakta.

(2)  Taking 5-0 ml juice of Giloy or, 3-6 grams powder, or 10-20 grams kalk, or 40-60 grams decoction daily for some time continuously, the patient becomes free from gout.




Disclaimer: You must consult an Ayurveda specialist or doctor before consuming it after reading the post or blog. Because I am not an ayurvedic specialist and neither am I a doctor. I am telling you about this advice after consulting a big ayurvedic specialist and doctor and after reading or listening to ayurvedic books.

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