10 Benefits of Indian Bael

Benefits of Indian Bael:– Bael tree is a medicinal tree in itself. It is used in both medicine and ayurvedic. Physicians also make many medicines to cure our diseases of the bael tree.
It is also used well in Ayurveda. Sage Muni or Ayurveda expert gives us the use of bael tree to cure diseases of our body by making a decoction or paste of its herb.

So let’s know about Indian Bael benefits


1. Taking Powder of Aegle Marmelos (Bealgiri) with milk mixed with sugar candy ends anemia, physical weakness, and weakness of semen.

2. Drink a mixture of cumin powder and milk in the tea of ​​leaves or tea. Quantity leaves 20 to 50 grams, cumin powder 6 grams, sugar candy 20 grams, and milk.

3. Make Aegle Marmelos (Bealgiri), ashwagandha, and sugar candy. Mix one-fourth part of saffron powder in it, eat 4 grams this morning and evening, and drink hot milk.

4. Taking a small quantity of fine powder of dried ripe fruit pulp regularly in the morning and evening ends weakness.

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1. In that fever in which the condition of the liver is not good, after proving the eight quarts of beal in it, mix honey in it and give it in the morning and evening in the quantity of 20 ml.

2. Fever and dry cough are cured by the bark of its leaves.

 Benefits of Bael in Diabetes

1. Grind fresh leaves from 10 grams to 20 grams each and mix 5-7 black peppers in it. Taking it with water on an empty stomach in the morning provides expected benefits in diabetes.

2. Consumption of 10 grams of Patra Swaras daily in the morning is also beneficial.

3.Belpatra, turmeric, Giloy, Harad, Bahera, and Amla, 6-6 grams, grind them, and soak them in 250 grams of water overnight in glass and earthen pots. This disease is destroyed by taking a lot of muscle in the morning, filtering it, taking half the quantity in the morning and evening for 2-3 months.

4. Bel leaves and neem leaves 10-10 pieces and basil leaves 5 nos. Make a tablet after grinding them and take it with water daily in the morning.


Mixing one or one and a half grams of small Pippali powder in the juice of 25 to 50 grams of fresh beal leaves is beneficial.


Taking beal leaf juice with honey at both times is beneficial.


1. Mixing sugar candy in the powder of Bealgiri, taking 4 grams with cold water, is beneficial in blood pressure.

2. If there is a special pain in the patient’s warts, then by preparing a decoction of wilb root and making the patient sit in a pleasant decoction, the pain ends soon.

Cholera and Vomiting:
Take 10 -10 grams each of mango meringue and Aegle Marmlos and grind them and cook them in 500 grams of water. If 100 grams is left, mix honey and sugar candy and give 5 to 20 grams as needed, it is also beneficial in diarrhoea.


Cook Aegle Marmlos and 1-4 grams of Giloy in half a kilo of water. If 250 grams is left, filter it and drink it little by little. If cholera is severe, mix nutmeg, camphor, and dates in this decoction and make a decoction and drink it little by little again and again.


Clean half a bowl of ripe fruit like peel, add sesame oil, camphor and keep it covered with the other part. Applying this oil on the head does not cause lice.

Benefits of Bael in Eye diseases:

Applying ghee on the leaves of bael and tying it on the eyes, dripping the clean sound of the leaves in the eyes, as well as grinding the leaves and applying Kalka on the eyelids cures many diseases of the eyes.

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Disclaimer:  Consult an Ayurveda specialist or doctor before consuming it after reading the post or blog. Because I am not an ayurvedic specialist and neither am I a doctor. I am telling you about this advice after consulting a big ayurvedic specialist and doctor and after reading or listening to ayurvedic books

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